"Aoba" <3

What is this?!
"Tokyo Ghoul" (http://fav.me/d7sfmyq)

Happy August 1st! Quick doodle in honor of my childhood :3

Next week on “Tokyo Ghoul” - your favorite ghouls become idols in”Uta no Ghoul Sama!”

goal for the next week: Post at least one of my works a day. 
I’ve noticed there’s a lot I haven’t posted here yet so I’m gonna try to catch up :)

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Madoka Magica watercolor
Just sold my first item on Redbubble.com! :D I’m so excited!!

someone bought a sticker of my Toothless chibi! :D yaaaay!!

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seriously, how did I get along without knowing about layers and textures?! i’m flipping out from how much better my pictures are looking! :D

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Summer time on Whale Island :)

seen a lot of these awesome redraws and wanted to give it a try it out on one my favorite visual scenes in the anime. Intense Eren is really fun to draw :D