Next week on “Tokyo Ghoul” - your favorite ghouls become idols in”Uta no Ghoul Sama!”

goal for the next week: Post at least one of my works a day. 
I’ve noticed there’s a lot I haven’t posted here yet so I’m gonna try to catch up :)

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Madoka Magica watercolor
Just sold my first item on! :D I’m so excited!!

someone bought a sticker of my Toothless chibi! :D yaaaay!!

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seriously, how did I get along without knowing about layers and textures?! i’m flipping out from how much better my pictures are looking! :D

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Summer time on Whale Island :)

seen a lot of these awesome redraws and wanted to give it a try it out on one my favorite visual scenes in the anime. Intense Eren is really fun to draw :D
Eren and Mikasa weren’t the only ones who lost their family
based off this scene seen from Eren’s point of view when Armin was looking at his grandfather’s hat and mourning. (This scene breaks my heart - therefore I love it!)