All I can do is make sure I don’t regret the choice I’ve made
Kite!!!! this guy gave me MAJOR feels during the Chimera Ant Arc!!
Our lil Freckled Angels <3
who needs a mere lasso when you’re WondeRapunzel?! Guess Rapunzel found another new dream!
sorry not sorry for all the posts!

working on getting this art blog updated :) It’s amazing how much of my work I haven’t posted! I’m so behind! @____@ so i’m gonna be playing catch up for a while :D

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Pirate Harpy because awesome reasons!(
Lil Ame :3
"Why did I want to go? That should be obvious. Because I was Born to this World!!""Attack on Titan" scene redraw (reposting cuz I added that bad-ass texture and a few edits)
Horses startle very easily, Marco
"Aoba" <3

What is this?!
"Tokyo Ghoul" (